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All literature and poetry are copyrighted and protected by RAW Honey Wellness and Coaching and cannot be used in any manner for personal interests. Such use may be subject to legal action. 

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Poetry and Spoken Word

For those who feel their voice is not loud enough to speak, our paper and pencil has always been our closest listening ear. This platform serves as a space to share your thoughts, experiences, influences, and encouragement with others.




Let down your long hair, young queen!

Never let them see you sweat!

Your mind is your prize, young queen,

Your body is your great asset!


Living this monologue, forcing this lifestyle.


Overlays of correction 

of imperfection 

for protection 

of misconception 

that created misdirection, 

an infection 

of my perception 

birthed an erection 

of conception 

of falsified affection 

and psychological defection; 

Lord, find me the resurrection. 



Of a woman who decayed in her own traps. 


left of a beautiful soul, spirit, and heart. 

I can no longer hold onto the cloak of sexuality,

No longer hide behind the mask of accolades,

Cannot walk in the blind purpose of clear insecurity,

I'm stripping. 


Naked. Raw. With all my dimples shown,

With all my bulges hanging, 

With my skin sagged, with my hips tight, 

I'm stripped. 


Uncovering my privates,

that identified as my true treasures,

I was nieve in letting my jewels be trashed,

Shamefully covering up my adequacy

for intelligently ridiculous tactics 

of using expensive pieces of papers as my face guard,

Using titles as a stamp on my forehead,

Mindlessly using my mind as a tool of existence,

Instead of using my spirit as a tool of living,

Graciously sashaying my extremities 

as a ritualistic plan towards matrimonies,

When I was destroying my flesh 

with drunkened testimonies. 


I was ruthless to hide my identity 

and exist an imposter,

Just so others would live within me. 


Feed on my flesh like parasites,

Devour my successes for their competence,

Bleed on my womanhood like menstruation,

Building bricks upon my heart,

Homicidal tendencies because the real me, RIP,

She had no love supply because she wasn't free. 


Heavy in layers, covered in traumas, 

Masked by fraudulent jewels, 

created by fraudulent hands,

I hid the true masterpiece for others....

when others never wanted to see the fake,

or real, me. 


They never wanted the me me, just the me-

well who is she? 

I can't even see a true line of beauty,

I just see other people piled on top of me,

I see men taking root inside of me,

I see my riches filling me more than 

the food to my soul, glutinous,

Of false gods, false happiness, false wisdom,

I ate until I threw up the toxicity

that finished my soul

into a rushing river of hate,

spurling out of me, gushing through me,

DAM, I needed a dam,

As that built hate around my heart, 

DAM, I kept using a dam,

But what I needed was a drought,

Washed the hate, all of it dried out,

Uncover the layers so true Light comes thru,

Planting Delivering, healing, eradication, 

Uprooting the weeds of YOU. 


So I stripped. All my clothes, down to my toes, 

I stripped it all. 

Up to my head, like fresh outta bed,

the mask is off. 

In my nakedness, let his light shine thru me!

Dry up the rivers, let the insecurities flee!

You now see, me me, the real me,

The raw fresh out the honeycomb Bee. 


It's a cold world without layers, 

But I'm gonna walk this sucka free. 

Shakin my jelly just for me. 

Exposing my spirit, showing I'm free. 

Flashing my privates to share the testimony,

You gonna see, all of this fine, naked, stripped, 

Queen Bee. 


from my testimony gone untold,


Found through the proclamation of the deprivation of the enemy’s condemnation.

That may fall deaf on the ears of the unbelievers,

Appear dark to those blind of His vision,

Foreign dialect to those who have not study to shew,

All of which once described me,

Yes, that’s me. Bound by the wicked of the world in captivity.


I thought I had home field advantage by the battle location being my mind,

Not knowing an even powerful battle place would bring Victory time after time.

So I wrestled with all of the blood and flesh that attacked, including me,

Not knowing that blood was shed to fight off powers and principalities.

Choked by the string of lies the devil arose,

Covered by the darkness of the past I chose,

Living in silence of a hypocrisy that no one knows,

Drowning in the pool of un-forgiveness as my heart slowly close,

I WAS BOUND, by the hand that shook my cradle,

I WAS TORMENTED, by the pains that almost led fatal,

I WAS BEATEN by the wicked powers that surround me,

What faith can I have in ever becoming free?


Yes, freedom, that even I had never heard, saw, or proclaimed,

Though, all this time, the spirit of freedom lived within me.


I piddled around my years, with a slow and willowing pace,

Wondering why my life was filled with failure and disgrace,

Why I couldn’t stride as wide as my peers,

And why all of the long, sorrowful days ended in puddles of tears.

Looking for the grace, safe space, blessed place, gleaming face,

That everyone submitted to so intentionally and chase,

But I never realized that everything I needed to be free,

Was living inside of me.


I KNEW I had these shackles on my feet, I KNEW this wasn’t just an illusion inside of me,

But only if I really knew I always had the keys to set me free,

They included forgiveness, faith, obedience, and submission fearlessly,

Believing in the power of God and the life full of serenity.





reminds me of a beloved cross that is engraved into my heart,

Who knew I had the power to live abundantly from the start?

When it took just three days, for a death to turn into everlasting life,

It can take me three seconds to hand over all of my pain and strife,


And say, “God, rescue me!” “I never wanted to be a slave to sin, let me be free!

Let me be your sheep and wonder in your fields so I can hear the voice of Thee!

Give me strength to endure the mountains of the high and valleys of the low,

And let me shout about your Glory of grace EVERYWHERE I go!

I can’t be bound down, Lord, I can’t just sit still!

I want to become part of your all-powerful plan and Almighty will,


Let go this weight of depression, regression, and oppression off me,

No more being imprisoned by trespasses, Lord, SET ME FREE!

To run the race of life, enduring and persevering ‘till the Victorious prize,

Coming out of the dark holes, and letting your light shine through my eyes.


Release these rugged shackles, and pity my spirit with Your Grace,

Rise me above my enemies to Your safe space, blessed place, gleaming face,

Shake off my leeching insecurities and show that I will be comforted by thee,

No more conformity to the patterns of this world, I’VE BEEN SET FREE!


Yes, freedom, that even I had never heard, saw, or proclaimed,

The sovereignty that our Savior declared by Thee,

Was always living inside of me.


I, am free.

As we all started once as a small child with a meek voice,

With a purpose but no plan, perseverance but no preparation,

But TODAY, it’s declared, that all though we may start out embryonic,

We will metamorphisize into inevitable beings that will do inconceivable works,

We will RISE UP as a race, the human race, and join together to gain prosperity,

And every voice shall be heard.

We shall gain velocity and fly above the obstacles in our paths.

Dismantling institutionalized oppression and the incarceration of insecurity,

There will be a rise.


But before we go, we must look at ourselves, and say,

Who am I and what made me this way?

Am I living in comfort and transferring my in-replicable privilege on society?

Or am I using my platform of riches to dismantle inequality?

White, black, brown, or red, ask yourself, “is this who I should I be?”

Am I creating the change, or being a catalyst for cultural suicide, spiritual homicide, or societal casualty?

We must unify in honesty, submit in humility, and charge in healing,

And know that there is always energy for growth, for change,

For maturity, for gain.

Honoring those who created the concrete to collaborate,

Challenge our meticulous motivation to complete our majestic masterpiece-

Following the whimsical yet pronounced brush strokes of our Artist,

We must collide or we will be disorganized lines of disobedience and spiritual dissonance.

So, I charge, you, and I, and everyone aside, let’s RISE.



Educate our sisters and brothers on the magnitude of our faith,

Move mountains through the persistence of our strength,

Persevere through the treacherous endeavors that life will present,

Open our hearts and release our borders to experience boundless love,

Wash the anger and bitterness out of our eyes so we can see the beauty of humanity,

Enlighten the burdened and show them the path to sovereignty, and

Remember the vision and purpose of those who rose before us.


So what does that spell out?

A future for communities who’s hope will be restored,

The voice of children that can be amplified,

The autonomy to finally experience liberty and justice for all,

We must all empower each other, so that we can all RISE.

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