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10 P's of Prayer: Introduction

I have been in one interesting season of life. I have chosen to endeavor into a season of true growth and jump into a more aligned version of who I was designed to be. While reaching for my wildest dreams has been so incredibly rewarding, it has also been incredibly daunting.

I’ve learned that in order to experience the highest of highs, you must face quite challenging hardships. QUITE CHALLENGING. Nonetheless, my faith has led me into deep and necessary prayer that has advanced through each challenge as if it was nothing. Now, let me clarify—there was absolutely nothing easy about the process. I haven’t cried more often than how much I cry now. And hard. But it has truly shaped me and led me right where I need to be, and right where God has designed for me to be.

I mention the plight of these hardships to preface that this season of prayer wasn’t for the faint of heart. No, chile, it was ugly! Life likes to show out, but graciously, God show out even bigger.

Growing up, people have always called me the prayer warrior. I loved to pray. People said that my prayers worked, too (thank goodness), so it made me feel humbled and favored that I could remain in the presence of God. BUT, there have been moments in my life that I was in such a dark space, I could not hear the voice of the Lord when I prayed. Have you ever been there? For me, it’s the scariest feeling ever.

So, each time I come into the sacred space with the Lord, I honestly have gratitude. I know He is always there, but I know I wasn’t always aligned to hear him. John 10 talks about how His followers are His sheep, and that we will know His voice and follow. So, I’m grateful that I know His voice and can depict it over the enemy. Consistent prayer really builds that up. It’s like knowing your grandma’s voice when she calls because you all talk so much.

Now, of course we have seen numerous examples of prayer, “giving it to God”, just “turn it over to Him” and the other great sayings that we are still trying to unpack exactly WHAT that looks like. Zooming out of the prayer process, those statements are completely accurate. But, what exactly do we do? Where is our heart at? Where is our mind? What do we say? What do we do? Do I just say some words and then say Amen? How many times do I pray? Whew chile, forget it.

I know we have all tapped out on a prayer at least once in life. But the good news—He knows exactly what we need, even if we just cry to Him.

I’ve looked over some recent situations where I’ve had to do some forehead down, hands up (I hope y’all not being nasty right now) prayer, and saw that just saying some words and saying Amen was not the only part of that prayer. I know we have all been through a situation where we were really upset because we prayed and prayed on something and it didn’t come out as we wanted it to! I truly encourage you—don’t lose hope. God TRULY will not forsake you.

So, I journaled and took note, and found out that there were 10 P’s that came with my prayer. Even the Word tells us that this is what we should be doing to receive the fullness of God’s blessings. After I really focused on this, the flood came. I’m telling you, I’m not making this up. I saw things come through that there was NO WAY this was going to happen or manifest. Fulfilled prayer is more than just the words—it’s the alignment of your spirit towards obedience and sacrifice, to intimately show God in ALL that you do that you trust Him. You anxious yet?

Now before I begin these 10 P’s, let me remind you –this is not a 10-step guide to success. These are 10 things that I found in the Word that placed my prayer right in the center of following God with all of my heart and spirit. Therefore, this may take practice, consecration, and extra prayer to get your prayer, right! Nonetheless, by being in your Word and aligning your heart with His, you will find a lot of things shifting right before you. We will take this week by week, and walk into the new year with a renewed prayer life. We are walking in this journey together.

Ready? Let’s Pray.

Dear Heavenly Father, I come before you today to bless the person/people you have called to read this testimony and learn more about how to align with you. Father, I ask for our hearts to be opened, confronted, comforted, and restored through you and your Glory. Lord, you are so awesome, and I just want to already give praise and Glory for the designed purpose that you have within the life of the person/people reading this prayer. Let us learn more about being consistent in you, trusting in you, and living life full of abundance, prosperity, and joy as you called us to, Lord! Please heal us in the spaces that we may feel brokenness or hurt that could keep us from fully believing. Help us to show love and be loved. Remind us of the worth that we have to experience Your Promises in our lives. Let our vulnerability to you not be in vain, but to an overflowing vessel of Your Wondrous Ways upon our lives. I pray all these things in Your Son Jesus Name, humbly, Amen.

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