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Expression. Connection. Liberation.

Using contemporary wellness strategies and innovatively designed community spaces,, RAW Honey Wellness exists to activate our most authentically designed selves. RH Wellness challenges each participant to explore their most "RAW" selves to find self- alignment, purpose, and the sweet honey for growth. RH Wellness seeks to liberate each person from the internalized, chronic expectations of societal and cultural norms to activate into a lifestyle of holistic wellness, authenticity, and the most excellent quality of life. 

Proverbs 24:13-14

“Eat honey, my people, for it is good; honey from the comb is sweet to your taste. Know also that wisdom is like honey for you: If you find it, there is a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.”

What we Do


We provide wellness services and strategies at an individual, group, and organizational level that address generational and chronic practices that prohibit greatest level of productivity, holistic health, and success.

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We curate person-centered communities that reach individual needs while connecting with those who would resonate with similar experiences to create collaborative growth and communal trust.  

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We provide education, training, and resources that allows the opportunity for wellness to be assessable despite current barriers present. We also equip clients with tangible, practical tools to navigate such barriers to endeavor on personal journey of accessing wellness holistically. 

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See our Projects


The expressive space for Black Men to connect to one's self through experiences, and to validate and empathize with the journey of manhood. 


The written platform to share stories, resources, and tips on how to develop wellness, holistically.


The podcast where we discuss the process of liberating ourselves from social expectation into self-affirmation. 


Join us in the community to experience restorative, connecting, and liberating yoga practices that are free to the public.

Meet our Founder!

Dr. April Bee
Wellness Coach | Speaker | Writer
Author | "Mama, What's Cookin?"

Dr. April Bee is the Founder of RAW Honey Wellness and Coaching, as well as an author, an Organizational Strategist, a Transformational Speaker, and Wellness Coach. She is  certified as a Gallup Strengths Coach, a 200HR Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Nutrition Coach.

Dr. Bee has worked extensively in the past ten years developing individuals, students, organizations, institutions, and communities on equity and inclusion, identity development, holistic wellness, and ethical personnel operations. She also serves in the community as an MS Advocate for the state of Texas, develops and implements curriculum to educate black youth and young adults on social and emotional wellness, and volunteers the provision of physical health services to under-resourced neighborhoods.  Dr. Bee also serves on the Board for Parkland Hospital - C.V. Roman Health Center (Dallas, TX), Center for Brain Health (Dallas, TX), and Robson & Puritan Publications. 

With her background in academia, non-profits, and private businesses, she seeks to empower and equip blooming professionals and the communities they serve to prioritize wellness, connectedness, and cultivating their greatest quality of life. Dr. Bee published her first book, "Mama, What's Cookin" to share the positive experiences of her mother despite being fully disabled. This, as well as her other writing and photography efforts emphasizes her platform of utilizing empathy, authenticity, and humanization as a vehicle to drive individuals and communities towards becoming their most healthy and most productive selves.  

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Ready to begin your RAW Wellness Journey?

We are ready to reveal your honey.

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