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The process of liberating ourselves from social expectation into self-affirmation.

Looking for a dope podcast to tune into? Nectar attunes to explorative young adults who are preparing for, or currently in a transitional season. For our artists, entrepreneurs , and dreamers, Nectar not only provides solutions to everyday occurrences, but focuses specifically on the value of the process towards becoming who you were designed to be. Nectar helps to piece together who we currently are, and how this directly informs who we are desiring to be as artists, entrepreneurs, and dreamers.

Nectar will cover topics that serve in the margins of mental health conversations, or "street codes" of wellness. Such topics include boundaries, vulnerability, emotional intelligence, cultural and societal norms, self-alignment, and hustling healthily. Nectar hopes to shift the emphasis away from an "end goal", and instead recognize that each destination within the process are all valuable "goals" that will push us to further successes than we could ever plan. Like nectar, this podcast will highlight that the ability to be the sweet honey that we imagine is always within us--we just must enjoy the process to be become such. Oh, we buzzin' today!

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