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The RAW Vision


RAW Honey Wellness seeks to transform society by dismantling chronic/generational patterns and introducing innovative, practical solutions that induce wellness, productivity, and excellence within the lifespan. We also seek to cultivate communities where all feel safe and equipped to thrive in our most authentic lives--individually and collectively. We are committed to equipping and empowering each participant to endeavor on their individualized journey to their greatest quality of life while feeling energized to reach a sense of holistic wellness. RAW Honey Wellness will curate healthier relationships, workspaces, and lifestyles.


As honey is a sweet treat to enjoy, it is also very healthy for your body. We know that it takes a long process for working bees to develop honey, so it is important to understand this when reaching your honey. It will be a process and it requires work, but how sweet will it be once you reach the goal? Additionally, honey is most beneficial when you consume from its rawest state—no additives, no extra sugar. Therefore, you will reach your healthiest point when you reach your truest self in the rawest form possible. Collectively, we will gain strategies in building aligned, authentic, well selves! 


What we Value







Why We Exist

The purpose of RAW Honey Wellness is to eradicate the prevalence of generational wellness patterns that serve as barriers for the greatest opportunities of holistic success and well-being for the most-impacted communities. Through this, RH Wellness seeks to restore the collateral damage caused by biased systemic practices to ignite efficacy and implement individual, communal, and social excellence. 

Pillars of Wellness


Our daily demands, life experiences, and traumas can impact our bodies, our health, and our overall well-being. We can learn ways to liberate our experiences while caring for our bodies.


Social norms and cultural practices may have unspoken standards that makes us feel unprepared emotionally, while lacking the communal space to reflect. We can learn how to recognize our emotions and feel security within them.


Having an environment that is chaotic, stressful, or dysfunctional can often block the opportunity of functionality and productivity. We can learn ways to create environments that sustain our lives and enhance our spirit.


Systemic practices that have negatively impacted communities of color causes a struggle in understanding how to navigate money, investment, and security. We can learn healthy narratives around money to then build wealth.

Our Commitment

We are committed to liberating the community through intentional and consistent engagement. We recognize the socially innovative approaches to use, and we will continually educate to provide awareness for the community, and activism towards the things that work against the community. We overall understand that true liberation activates in a space of holistic wellness, which is what we deliver. 

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