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Module 1-2

Cultural Identity and History

Goal: We will learn about the history of our race in America and how this makes us successful or unsuccessful. We will also learn about the effects of race on our body, mind, money, schoolwork, and our friends and family.



-Use history of American slavery to compare to football recruitment practices

-Demonstrate College and NFL practices and its impact on black health

-Public Perception on Black Athletes

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Directions: Submit a video to the platform telling us what things in your life make you feel black. How do you feel about being a black male? You may also post on social media and send the link to the video.


Mask Activity

Directions: Create or draw a mask on a sheet of paper. On one side, write all of the way that the world perceives you as a black male. Flip the mask over, and write down all of the words that describe how you see yourself as a black male. Take a picture of both sides and post to the platform.




Future Goals Activity

Directions: Write down 5 things you would like to do as an adult. It can be a career, hobby, lifestyle, place to travel, person to marry--whatever you aspire to happen. What made you choose these goals? How confident do you feel in achieving them?

You are welcomed to get creative and use pictures, or a video to express your goals.


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Finished this 


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