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"April, Bee" - Blog Series

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Welcome back to the buzz! It’s been a short while, but I am excited for this month’s series and everything that has been on my heart to share. As you know, it is the month of April! Since it is my namesake, I thought I share a series of blogs focusing on the meaning of April, which truly defines the meaning of who I am.

Just for a little history lesson, the word April derives from the latin word “aperit”, which means “to open” or “open”. This coincides with nature during April, as this is the time of growth and when the trees and flowers begin to “open”. The month April is named after the Greek goddess, Aphrodite (Aphros), which was the goddess of love, beauty, and passion.

Learning more about this interpretation of April, I enjoy the pre-destined willingness to be open, to bloom, and grow. With that, I want to do it in a place of love and passion, which is my highest drive.

Therefore, this month’s blog series, April Bee, focuses on times in my journey where I had to be open and vulnerable to grow and bloom; times where I had to open my petals and allow God’s light to heal the places that I wasn’t healthy, instead of shutting my petals in shame; times where I had to realize that my beauty was not in the color or shape of my flowers, but the aroma and nutrients that it gave off to help the ecosystem. The five stages in the April Bee series are “Open”, “Growth”, “Blooming”, “Receive”, “Love”. I pray that God flows through me purely to reach anyone who may need affirmation or support in being open and growing into their true selves. As I continue on this journey presently, I am excited to learn more about those who are also on their journey towards self-discovery. Let's grow!

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