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RAW Honey Wellness and Coaching, LLC

Experience the RAW Process

Accountability and guidance is an essential component of personal growth. Therefore, I will serve as an accountability coach towards reaching your personal goals physically, emotional, financially, spiritually, or in other areas. This coaching will explicitly address the principles of RAW and will use this in the process towards individual goals and self-improvement!

The process includes:

-Defining area of coaching (Physical, emotional, financial, spiritual)

-An opening 30-minute consultation appointment to survey what your needs are

-A goal and objectives flowchart to outline desired outcomes of individual

-Distribution of journal for personal documentation

-Supportive referrals to necessary professionals and resources

- Scheduled Accountability sessions of progress (via phone, Skype, or in-person)

This program includes a monthly membership that extends access to unlimited coaching sessions, free promotion gear, access passes to all workshops, and an invitation to the annual retreat, The Hive.

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