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Always Practice Your Foundational Form.

So, we are in the Lab! I love to get in the gym, be alone, and see what skills come to me in the allotted time. I start off every session with warm-up shots, where I must make five shots from each of my warm-up spots near the rim (as in, right under the rim). The purpose of these shots are to perfect my form so that I don’t have to think about it when I am shooting other shots. If I skip this step, I waste lots of times missing shots and not being calibrated with the goal.

Have you ever started working on something without calibrating how to actually reach the goal? We make this seem like it’s a waste of time. Why must we practice the form over and over again, especially since we have done it a million times?

It makes your shot better. It makes you instinctual, consistent, and fluid.

Those ten-20 minutes of warm-up will give you an entire game of success. Take out that I’ve to write your opening notes for the day. Give attention to the small tasks that help prepare for the larger tasks. 

Ready for the drop of honey? It is okay to revisit practicing your form at ANYTIME. Yes, even in the middle of tasks.

There have been so many moments when I am having a session and my shot is off, progressively. Instead of continuing to miss shots, I revisit practicing my form. It’s all about giving attention to what provides structure and preparation for the large goals. You cannot make the large goals without fulfilling the small goals in between.

Here are ways to practice it:

-Taking small gigs to practice and prepare for larger gigs

-Taking time to practice the skill set for a larger task (voice warm up, practice shots, stretching)

-Practicing affirmations before starting your day

-Outlining vision, goals, and objectives

Once I learned how to transfer practicing my form to my personal and professional goals, I have wasted a lot less time with unproductive failures, and spend more time on productive calibration and success. The idea is to focus less on time and more on quality. This means that spaces that value efficiency OVER effectiveness (both are important, but pay attention to the wording), then this may not be a healthy work environment. Your speed of productivity will increase when you are actually productive. Therefore, take time to practice your form. 

Think about three things that you can add in your routine this week that will strengthen your form. We need nothing but net with our shots!

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