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Every Shot Counts!

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

I was definitely known for being a three-point shooter. Catch me on the arc, and I’m draining them. 

With that, I had to learn that there are other spots on the court to score points. And, if those opportunities come up, I need to know how to take advantage of them and score. This means:

-I need to know how to make the shot from EVERY spot on the floor, not just a 3-point shot.

-I need to position and prepare myself to make the shot—any shot—on the court. At anytime.

If I just focus on setting up my entire play around making a 3-point shot that I am most comfortable with, I could really miss out on many more opportunities to score. Yes, the 3-pointer is the highest point-valued shot on the court. But, every shot truly counts to win the game. That includes shots in the points, and that definitely includes free-throws.

This can apply to how we approach situations in our life. We may focus on ONLY going for the big vision that we miss the many opportunities that can build us up to our larger win. While you are preparing for that best selling novel, it is okay to write short stories or a blog along the way. On your journey to becoming a keynote speaker, you can speak at community events or in classes. Whatever your journey may be, those "small moments" still add up to the end points--don't pass them up.

Here's the true drop of honey: if you are shooting for that 3 and you miss, you better go in for that rebound and get those 2 points, or pick up that foul! Meaning, if you are shooting for your big goal, but it doesn't go as planned, then be ready to catch the rebound and go to your plan B. Here's the true sauce--if you get the rebound and get fouled while making the 2-pointer, you can shoot a free throw and STILL make 3 points! So understand, EVERY SHOT TRULY COUNTS.

So, be sure when you are practicing and preparing, that you are preparing on ALL spots on the court to score. The best players can shoot from everywhere. That's what makes them unstoppable. What will make you unstoppable is the wisdom and talent to score those points from any angles and how to hustle up those points by any means necessary. This way, when you drop that 3, it feels even greater than before.

This week, find three ways that you can focus on the goals along the way to your larger vision that can get you some extra points in your aspiration.

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