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Welcome to the "Lab"!

For those who are true hoopers, you can empathize that basketball can truly teach quite transferable lessons for life decisions and experiences. I call the court “The Lab” because in this space, I am vulnerable emotionally, I am perfecting a craft, and I am utilizing multiple parts of my brain and body to achieve a task. 

Most may not know, but basketball is more psychological than anything. Having “your head in the game” is more than just a common phrase or catchy song, but it serves as a reflection of how important it is to have high psychological wellness as well as physical wellness. You must understand the chemistry of your team and how that affects what strategies to use to win. You must be resilient upon missing shots, as well as willing to take smart shots, giving space to quickly adjust if you miss. You gain an instinct to know what happens before it happens. I could list so many more, but they will eventually be covered.

The purpose of the Lab is not only to develop my hooping skills, but to also strengthen my body (of course) my mind, and my heart. It has given me a space to reflect on life and use the skills from the court to enhance the trajectory of my life. In my profession, I love to utilize relatable arenas to address wellness, emotions, social skills, and mental health. Therefore, what better Lab to utilize than the court. It is a therapeutic safe space for many, and I utilize this platform to break down things in life that relate to our everyday experiences.

Just know that when you are in the Lab, you're gonna get this work. Tape up. Let's work.

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